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Bo Bracey writes:
I just got one of these babies, and I just had to reiterate that this is absolutely THE best sampler for your dollar. The E-mu sampling sound is excellent. This unit also has 32 4-pole digital resonant filters for turning any sound into an analog-sounding monster. 32 meg ram, 32 voices, 16 part multi-timbral... I got mine SCSI-ready for only $1069! Now for a price like this, you would think E-MU would cut corners. Not so! A built-in power supply, headphone jack, a little midi light, attachable/detachable rack ears, and fine-feeling quality buttons and knobs adorn this amazing steal. If you are looking for a quality studio sampler with a very low price tag, in my opinion, this is by far your finest choice.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Bo Bracey for this info.)

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