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Fernando Vicente writes:
I spent a lot of time researching a new sampler before deciding on theE5000 Ultra. I narrowed down my decision to either a Akai S-5000, EmuE5000 Ultra or a E6400 Ultra. I liked the sound of the Akai S-5000/6000series and their filters. However, the O/S still proved to contain a fewtoo many bugs for my liking. The Ultra samplers are on O/S version 4.02now and are quite stable. The E5000 Ultra sounds great and can expand whenI want to. Some people may complain about the lack of polyphony and lackof outputs as big drawbacks. However, I plan on getting the ADAT card toconnect to my 01/v so outputs won't be a problem. As well, for a littlemore than the price of an E6400 Ultra with the polyphony upgrade, I can own2 E5000 Ultra's giving me 128 polyphony, double the RAM at 256 MB and moreexpansion slots. This machine has been rock solid and sounds great. Thesounds bundled in with both the E5000 (only 1 CD) and the E6400 (9 CD's)are usable but don't sound that great. When you sample your own o

Comments About the Sounds:
While I prefer the sound of the Akai samplers from drums, I believe thatthe E-mu Ultra samplers exceed the sound quality. I find them moretransparent and warm while the Akai's are more hyped and crisp.

(Thanks to Fernando Vicente for this info.)
and for the pic

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