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Matthias Stock writes:
Even if this instrument is at first an electronic theatre organ you got at least the most versatile stringensemble I have ever seen (and played). Imagine this as the very big brother of the Eminent Solina String Ensemble with hundreds of possibilities to mix string and organ sounds (drawbars!) with a fat sounding beatbox, arpeggiator, spring-reverb and some other extras. It so heavy and big that you need four or five strong men to move it around.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very warm and analog preset sounds. The Stringensemble sound is much warmer and richer than those of its small brother the Solina String Ensemble. Organ sounds are good but defintely no Hammond or Farfisa quality. Besides the premium quality string you got very good vibes and harps. Build in rhythmbox sounds very fat.

(Thanks to Matthias Stock for this info.)

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