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Dan T. writes:
Killer ! Overall the Elektron Machinedrum is well built, awesome sounding with a mind blowing array of deep features yet easy to use. This will probably become the most versatile xox box on the market. If you’re into crafting electro-drum sounds its for you, while some of the acoustic drums are good. Worth the wait and ABSOLUTELY worth every penny ! See my detailed review !

Comments About the Sounds:
There are four ‘machines’ for drum sounds, each with standard drums, K, SD, HHO, HHC, TOM, etc …. The TRX machine produces sounds reminiscent of the TX series Roland boxes. The sounds are excellent but they are NOT 808 or 909 clones. The TFM is basically DX7 FM style sounds like the new DX200 box. This is where you can go pretty wild, within minutes I had turned a HH into a DX style mallet sound, synth horn, chaos noise, just by turning a few knobs. The ES12 machine are samples and pretty darn good ones too, and finally the PI, some kind of acoustic modeling machine. These last two are quite good at getting some acoustic sounding drums. Each drum sound also has a 1-band EQ and filter. The parameters for each drum vary depending on the machine type but the possibilities are truly mind blowing, definitely see Appendix A in the downloadable manual (

(Thanks to Dan T. for this info.)
and Elektron for the pic

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