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Anonymous writes:
Good solid brass sounds. Very interesting noises can be made due to it's 8-stage envelopes via 2 oscillators. Nice detune functions btween oscillators/ has to it's credit Ring Modulation/noise/portamento and glide generators - often lacking on today's big synths - and can be very creative. The sequencer is very limited, but a good scratchpad - can output to 8 midi channels ONLY through teh sequencer - ie you must record first - thus not good. Sequencer has NO loop functions, thus triggering to a drum machine a must. Buy only if a bargain ie 200pounds, for that extra module to liven up a mix in the brass dept or percussion - but I won't be selling mine :) Programming is tedious - no data slider, but well worth the results - the 8-stage envelope is very good - you can create good analogue pads eg the 1984 track before 'Jump' kicks in on the 1984 Van Halen album - if you try hard enough. Lacks bass oomph. Keyboard very light to the feel - this is not good for everyday playing, has NO velocity or aftertouch NB it will send as velocity 64 to external sequencer if used as a master unless you can set up the sequencer right. However, the lightness of the keyboard is great for live synth solos - your fingers will love the lack of strength needed :) Overall: Good, but get the Casio VZ10-module for the rack - same sound source - if you can.

Kent Williams (! says the following about Percussion Sounds: These take some getting used to, as it's notimmediately apparent what to do. If you want pure noise-type sounds,try setting DCA-1 to a first step of rate 99 level 0 END. Then turnon noise modulation. This will get you just the noise generator. Lotsof odd timbres are available, as the timbre changes based on what waveformsyou select and the level of the DCW. It's capable of some fairly rudenoises, like blowing a sibilant "SHHH" through a rubber sheet.

Comments About the Sounds:

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