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Eric Colin writes:
This synth was marketed as a "budget" synth as opposed to for instance the Juno-60 at that time. The Crumar Trilogy was significantly cheaper than the Roland. And .. you can hear it too ! . Although the seperate Organ and Strings section can add some extra touch to the synth section this synth just is too limited in its sound potential. Cool features : Alternate SAW/SQUARE function to switch back and forth from SAW to SQUARE at Key on/off. ADSR layout on left side of keyboard next to the X/Y axis Joystick (sliders). Not Cool feature : Oscillator sync. This just puts both oscillators in perfect sync (well just switch off OSC 1 I would say !). When in use, it makes the sound very sterile !

This was my first synth ever. Thats why I like it, even when it is crappy sounding. Even more : I bought another one. This one had been customized thoroughly and has some extra features. If you're looking for one .... it looks like a smaller version of the Oberheim OBX and it says TRILOGY at the back. You can't miss it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very thin sounds. Not enough punch and depth. A synth should be able to sting. This one doesn't.

(Thanks to Eric Colin for this info.)

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