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  Noah - Tactive Instrument Modeller At a Glance
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Charles Huff ( writes:
There is nothing quite like this available currently. In addition to its excellent synth sounds, you get some awesome effects capabilities, including a guitar amp simulation, vocodor, excellent sounding reverb, a filter bank based on the filters from the MiniMax (absolutely awesome sounding), multiple types of delays, and many, many more.

You can edit all the synths from the front panel of the unit - and also hook it to your computer via USB and get a full graphical representation of each synth/effect to tweak. USB serves as communications link to Noah for the remote-editing software. With this powerful software, all Noah instruments can be edited graphically on the computer. Complete configurations can be created conveniently on screen, and new instruments and sounds can be downloaded into Noah directly from the Internet via the computer and played immediately.

Noah also has the ability to be used as a USB midi and audio interface (a very nice bonus). The USB interface simultaneously transfers MIDI and six channels of digital audio.

Comments About the Sounds:
Includes the best digital emulation of a MiniMoog ever created, plus models of a B3, Prophet VS (Vector Synthesis), Pro-One, Guitar/Bass, Wavetable Synthesis, etc. More models available via download - uses plugin technology in a hardware synth.

(Thanks to Charles Huff for this info.)

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