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Sean Mahan writes:
The sounds won't blow you away, but it does have 76 (non-weighted) keys, good organ and Rhodes sounds, and decent split and layer capabilities. It can use batteries or an adaptor, has a removable music stand, a 3-digit LED display, a modultion button (adjustable), and a pitch wheel. Basicly, this is a good first keyboard for people who want as close to a full keyboard as possible for as little money as possible, though people looking for real "analogy" sounds will be dissapointed. It has a good beginners sequencer, which has 6 tracks, but I sometimes run out of room adding drums. For someone like me who needs the classic Piano/Rhodes/Organ/Harpsichord/Bass sounds with a bit of strings and brass it'll do fine. And the decent MIDI lets you hook a MicroPiano (or whatever else) up to it for better piano.

Comments About the Sounds:
The piano is the most dissapointing, not for the sound, but the control. A sustain (holding down the keys or the pedal) only lasts about 3 seconds! Quite hard to do the end of A Day in the Life!

(Thanks to Sean Mahan for this info.)

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