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Paulo Miranda writes:
Small keys. Not a performers keyboard! The sounds are funnier if you sample them and use them outside its own speaker. The line out is a bonus for that. The rhythm presets are fabulous! So funny! And quite useful too. Put them through a Recycle or edit them in your sample editor and you'll get a lot of pre-processed electronic percussion sounds. It's onboard music sequencing functions are a real pain. Forget those. Sample the sounds, the rhythm loops and enjoy the PT-50 capabilities. Mine has been used in more than one album that i produced at my studio. besides my own house/techno compositions it has also been used in an alternative-country record here in my studio. So, it's pretty versatile. And all the studio clients want to play with it. It's so funny that they usually end up including it in their own records.

Comments About the Sounds:
Although i have given overall low points to the sound quality i must ad that i do it beacause i have to compare it with more recent or more advanced synthesizers. This PT-50 model is in a class of it's own. It's a small

(Thanks to Paulo Miranda for this info.)
and Mario Berthold for the pic

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