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  PT-20 At a Glance
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Lew!s ( writes:
One of my favourite instruments - really neat, tidy and simplistic. The way it should be. When using the output on this bad boy, you can get some great results by running it through an effect pedal and / or amplifier. A definate keeper in my collection, despite most people claiming that it is merely a toy. The drums are horribly distorted, although the dance rock fans amongst you might recognise the 'Disco 2' rhythm from LCD Soundsystem's 'Losing My Edge'. A fantastic little bit of kit, for a cheap price.

Dimensions are: 34 x 9 x 2cm Includes recording and memory playback facility.

Comments About the Sounds:
All of the instruments on this keyboard have had reverb added to them, which unfortunately makes it difficult to play a 'proper' riff on it. That aside, the sounds are listenable - not high-pitched and deafening like the PT-80.

(Thanks to Lew!s for this info.)
and cls for the pic

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