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  MT-68 At a Glance
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David Waldman writes:
This is a charming little unit with genuine rotary knobs...a true rarity in this class of cheez-blaster. Color is that of a dust-covered hershey bar with dots of yellow, orange, buff, and creme. Ouch. Features 4 different bass/chord/arpeggiation styles. Can control accompaniment volume and rhythm volume independently. Cool envelope modulation buttons add weirdness to the cheez. Finally, you can add vibrato/delay vibrato, sustain/sustain reverb. All it needs is an effects unit, and you'll have a very decent and distinctive soundsource that will make everyone scratch their heads trying to figure out what the heck you're using!

Comments About the Sounds:
Cheese-filled, but distinctive and oddly endearing.

(Thanks to David Waldman for this info.)
and Kevin Palmer for the pic

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