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  MT-260 At a Glance
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Jesse ( writes:
Can sequence via MIDI over channels 1,2 and 3 but due to the lack of polyphony - only 6 notes, sounds cut out all over the place. This thing says it has 210 tones but beyond the main 20, selectable via buttons, it just allows you to mix two sounds together - what sort of trickery is this?

I bought it with the intent to make use of the toy-like sounds and it fits very well. In comparisson to the MT-140 which I had before (also had MIDI) I would prefer the old version as the sounds were even more fake.

Comments About the Sounds:
Typical PCM-like sounds from that era and that type of keyboard. Non-realistic but slightly better than some of the other sounds heard on toy keyboards. Has 19 different tones and a percussion set.

(Thanks to Jesse for this info.)

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