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iqoruvuc ( writes:
I bought this keyboard for £3 and it is worth every penny (for a crappy keyboard anyway). The sounds are surprisingly okay, the reverb giving them a little space and mellowness. You also have the option of stacking two different sounds on top of each other to give the sound more character.

The accompaniment drums and chords are as awful as expected and completely unuseable, with the choice of twenty complex poly rhythms such as '16 beat', 'disco', 'swing' etc.

It has 6 note polyphony at any one time regardless if you are using the accompaniment such as drums or casio chords.

I bought mine with the intention to circuit bend, which I finished a couple of months ago. It now also has the ability to make some pretty random noises which are lots of fu to sample.

Comments About the Sounds:
all sounds have been recorded with a bit of reverb, giving the overall sounds a mellow and spacious character.

(Thanks to iqoruvuc for this info.)
and Matthew Helm for the pic

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