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Andreas Nystrom writes:
This is a normal casio keyboard with a double keyboard. The upper keyboard is like an Casio SK sampler. And have 4 sample banks, each 0.7sec or 2 banks at 1.4secs. The sampler has some amplitud/loop/reverse effects also. Sounds awful, which makes it charmfull. I love to play around with it :D. The lower keyboard uses 12bit pcm samples, which has a piano with not much clearity but anyway sounds great at the time it was released. You can layer 2 sounds togheter also, which is fine. It has onefinger keyboard acomp alos .). Nice demotune also. If you find it cheap, buy it :).

Comments About the Sounds:
Its got a great electric piano, and jazz guitar which i like very much. Also the "synthens" sound is cool 2 sounds can be layered togheter also.

(Thanks to Andreas Nystrom for this info.)
and Scott Muir for the pic

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