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alpha5000dk ( writes:
This is not a synthesizer, but a keyboard with sounds section, rhythm section and accompaniment/arpeggiator/bass section. It is similar to the Casio MT-68 soundwise, except for the fullsize keys.

I tried this keyboard, at a friend, for the first time about 5 years ago. It didn't have all buttons and sliders, but it was fun as hell to play around with. Then I found a similar keyboard a few months ago. It is in very good condition, have all buttons and sliders, so I bought it immediately. I payed DKK 500,- (about US$ 85,-) incl. postage. I haven't regretted for one second. This is pure cheesy fun! :-D

The rhythm section sounds very analog to me. Not sure if it is thou. Don't really care. I like the sounds very much.

When playing the accompaniment section with one key at a time in fingered mode, you get the coolest new wave synth tunes. Every bass, arpeggiator and accompaniment have 4 different styles.

And finally the look: fake "wooden" sides and metal body also in fake "wood". Very solid built and looks soooo good! :-D

I love this lil' Casio keyboard! :-D

Comments About the Sounds:
Borring thin sounds. But add some effects, and the sounds can be really cool.

(Thanks to alpha5000dk for this info.)
and alpha5000dk for the pic

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