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Mather's Studios ( writes:
I was given this instrument by a friend, and to be honest I think it's fantastic. It's not something that you could play solo, but it sits well in my rig of 5 synths. It's also built like a tank and looks fantastic with it's wooden end panels and satin black metal panel. It gives your studio a good analog/vintage feel. I have found that the appearance of a tuning knob on the back of the instrument also means that you can detune the sound against other instruments, on the fly which results in pleasant chorusing sounds when layering in unison for chords.

Comments About the Sounds:
This is an old instrument, so the best way to appreciate it is for what it can do rather than what it can't. The sounds don't emulate anything particularly well so it's best application is probably for background layering. For the age, however, the Organ patches are very good, and usable. A chorus unit also helps to soften the hard, static edge to most of the sounds.

(Thanks to Mather's Studios for this info.)

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