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iqoruvuc writes:
I have to admit that I like the general character of the sound this keyboard produces. It is soft, warm and works especially well on the 'piano' and 'electric piano' sounds. Stick them through some reverb (rather than using the onboard reverb) and you have a couple of fairly decent sounds.

This model has 8 note polyphony, as well as one-finger chords. Interesting to note, like other casios of the era, the single-finger chords produce a timbre completely different from whatever is instrument is selected on the main keyboard. Put another way it does not matter if you have selected 'flute' or 'pipe organ', the single-finger chords sound the same for either selection. However, this model has 5 timbre settings for the chords, each one slightly different in character. I do like the sound of the single-finger chords - very electronic.

There are twelve totally crap rhythms, with bass, chord, and arpeggio accompaniment that no one in their right mind would ever use.

Round the back you have 9 volt dc in, headphone socket, line out, sustain and foot pedal sockets.

Though not versatile in any way, it has a full size keyboard (though without velocity) and can be picked up dirt cheap. Though only a few good sounds, compared with fm and pcm keyboards that came after this, this has much more character. It would be ideal for someone looking to add a keyboard to band on very, very tight budget (under £10. Otherwise ignore it.

For the circuit-benders amongst you, there are trimmers located inside the case the effect the analogue drum sounds. There is a tuning trimmer at the back (100R), and I also wonder if the vibrato, reverb, and sustain settings could be manipulated?

Comments About the Sounds:
Has warm and mellow sound that is quite pleasent, especially in contrast to more modern FM/PCM keyboards. The rhythm is unuseable though can be altered by trimmer pots inside case.

(Thanks to iqoruvuc for this info.)

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