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  CA110 At a Glance
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Scott Nichols writes:
This is another 100 sound/rhythm keyboard(don't dare call it a synth). At least the keys were or close to full size. Some of the sounds were ok except that they had a faint delay to them. I think this was the function of the poly/texture button. I think it meant you could either have 8 notes of polyphony or have texture(the delays and I think some sounds might have been doubled) with only 4 notes of polyphony. It was on texture mode when you turned the keyboard on. I don't know why companies pull this, because only people who have the manual would know to switch it to poly mode. I bought the one that Best Buy was using for demo purposes. I did not get a manual. I might not have been able to fairly asses the sounds of this keyboard because when I discovered the function of the poly/texture button, it was the last time I played the keyboard before getting rid of it at the pawn shop along with my Yamaha PSS280(see my review).

One more annoyance, when you press the number buttons to change sounds, you hear a digital sounding click. It's not the buttons themselves, since it comes from the speakers. Radio Shack sells(sold) a version with a different look on the outside. I could tell the insides were identical because I could get the same sounds by punching in the same numbers.

Comments About the Sounds:
Avoid the drum sounds! After you turn the keyboard on, press thepoly/texture button!!!!

(Thanks to Scott Nichols for this info.)
and Gerald Fleming for the pic

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