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  Marimba Lumina 2.5 At a Glance
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squid pop writes:
This is a very beautiful board to look at and inviting to play. I do not play a marimba, but that is not the point here. The point is a deep lush controller, capable of generating wonderful strings and waves of sound from modules such as the Q, the micromod and the p2k. There is a 2.5 octave keyboard and 12 pads. Each key can be prog rammed to play several sounds or morph between them, which is a little like having 2.5 octaves of ribbon controllers. There are two mallets and two little pucks, all differentially sensed by the keys and pads, so that a program can be made to play different patches, depending on which mallet or puck you employ. One mallet can serve as a meta-mallet, changing the entire program with a strike. The two and one half octave keyboard is easily transposed up or down an octave in real- time. Diodes are imbedded in the keys and pads and come on when one is struck or otherwise act- ivated. This is a wonderful controller, easy to start using, but stunningly deep in its arch- itecture.

Comments About the Sounds:
Altho the marimba lumina has its own sounds, it isdesigned to be a MIDI controller.

(Thanks to squid pop for this info.)

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