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Joe Hart writes:
In my opinion it deserves a 3.75 out 4. Recommend laying down the extra cash over the Boss Sp-303 unit. If you are looking for an affordable unit this may solve your problem. The price is about right. The unit wedges itself as a median sampler when compared to others. I wish they had used use a metal casing for gigging though. Sound quality is great even at the Lo-Fi setting. In all Boss has succeeded in making a good middle of the road sampler. The thousand dollar price tag is missing with great pro features.

Comments About the Sounds:
The drums and bass are usual Roland/Boss fare. Great thumping from kicks. Percussion seamed a little dull without effects. Stabs were decent. Mostly drum sounds in the presets.

(Thanks to Joe Hart for this info.)
and DJ Ethersand for the pic

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