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mystic elves writes:
this is a great little phrase samper - after an hour or two I was sampling, resampling, editing, etc. Extremely easy to use, and the manual is well written by Roland standards. A large variety of cool onboard FX, with the exception of the pitch/time shifting algorithms, they are horrid. If these were fixed this box would be an A+. You can also apply the effects to the external inputs, so it is kind of an FX box as well. Sampling is easy, looping is very easy, and for DJ applications, it automatically calculates the BPM of the sample for you.

I haven't bought any SmartMedia cards yet, but I plan to do all my sample editing on my computer, then dump them to the SmartMedia cards for use in the SP-303.

I am planning to use this to accompany my DJ sets, along with a Roland MC-307, and also as a supplementary sampler in my project studio.,

Really not a bad box at all, I paid 299 at Guitar Center in May 2001, when they were brand new.

(Thanks to mystic elves for this info.)
and Ian for the pic

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