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  DR-110 Dr Rhythm Graphic At a Glance
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Leviathant writes:
You want Roland analog drum sounds? Don't wanna pay $200 much less $800-1000? Well, get a DR-110. The only sync it's got is a trigger out with each accent, but that's easily remedied with a few splotches of solder. Okay so the only tuning you can do to the sounds is choose balance between bass & snare vs. hihats and cymbals. I'm sure that's doable too. It sounds like a cleaned up TR-606 with handclaps instead of toms. I'd say it's your essential analog drum sounds, except that you can't adjust Bass Drum decay. But it's more portable than any x0x box, running on just 4 AA batteries and half the size of a 606. And the buttons are nicer to the touch. The last of the line of Roland analogue beatboxes, this is their technology at its peak. Just a lot less user configurable. At the least, make it DIN SYNC, and it's practically a 606 without volume control, and could sell for the price of a 606.

Comments About the Sounds:
It sounds like a less grungy, brighter TR-606, with fantastic handclap sounds. Ticky Roland noise snare, your roland hissy analog hihats, ride-cymbal's bell-like, like the 606s, and the Bass drum... well, if I make a successful mod I'll post it. Oh, did I mention the handclaps are the best?! Not real tunable. . . But I'll be working on making some mods once I get my spare (guinea pig) DR-110.

(Thanks to Leviathant for this info.)

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