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sonic writes:
The four oscillator synth is paraphonic, not polyphonic. But it has some lovely tones due to the basic MINImoog style voice and the nice sounding Oscillator waves, - especially the Tri - yummy.

However its not quite a minimoog as the gain staging required to deal with four oscillators into the ladder filter doesn't quite get the same creamy tones you can get from a dedicated MINI.

The oscillators do however sounds quite delightful especially when adding some external effects.

Aftertouch curve is a bit sudden when using that (there's a way to patch that into the filter mod)

Inclusion of the chorus is weird to me, would much rather have had a delay and the drive isa bit overkill for when playing paraphonically.

I like it but we do have to give Dr Bob the inspiration for this, I mean they totally went for the Minimoog vibe, though as previously stated its not actually a mini.

Not sure what the current price is now, but for the $600 or so it went for there are some other pretty compelling options - Korg MiniLog XD for instance, however, there is something specific about a four note paraphonic that makes it quite a joy to play.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to sonic for this info.)
and Behringer for the pic

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