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Al writes:
This instrument was built compete with the Synclavier and Fairlight series III and MFX. In 1988 a 48 voice system was $88k. The sound quality is superb and editing samples is easy thanks to the really simple GUI that runs on a windows PC for controlling the system. The sound quality totally blows my Akai and E-mu samplers away. It has a really fantastic sounding reverb. With the DSP card and HD recorder options the Audioframe is a self contained studio in a box with sampling, effects, midi sequencing, mixing with EQ, mix automation, and 24bit hard disk recording. The Audioframe was used for foley and ADR in the film industry well into the 90's. Peter Gabriel lists the Audioframe in the credits for "US" and it's most famous musical use was probably on Enigma's MCMXC album.

Waveframe is still in business and still making DAW's but like Fairlight they no longer make samplers.

Comments About the Sounds:
It's a sampler, garbage in=garbage out. Comes with a sizeable library of sounds created by Prosonus with many excellent accoustic sounds.

(Thanks to Al for this info.)

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