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Anonymous (blakeney@inforamp.neet) writes:
Aries was a modular synthesizer manufacturer located in Salem Mass., who built high quality modular synths in both factory assembled and kit form. Aries synthesizers featured mini-plug patch connections at the bottom of the modules, making them more compact than other mid-70's manufacturers which used 1/4" plugs. The Aries Series IV makes no pretense at cosmetic appeal or ease of use. It was obviously designed for the consumer seeking the ultimate noise making unit, and emphasized modulation flexibility over portability. It featured two voltage controlled oscillators, two synced voltage controlled oscillors, envelope follower, voltage controlled amplifier, 2 envelope generators, Sample & Hold, 2 low frequency oscillators, mini-moog style mixer, voltage controlled filter, 2 voltage controlled "multi-mode" filters, 2 (count them two!) balanced modulators, phaser/flanger and stereo output with reverb chamber. A 16 note two stage sequencer was the suggested 18th module. The Aries IV is big and ugly (two irregularly shaped cabinets connected by octagonal power plugs). It features the standard 5 octave keyboard with a slightly larger keyboard interface to provide additional key voltages. The Series IV was shipped as a mega-expensive kit only, so no factory price was provided. The Aries promotional material points out that anyone buying a Series IV probably knows how to assemble one or they wouldn't even be considering the purchase!

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Mother of all studio systems

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