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  QS8 Synth At a Glance
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Adam Levin writes:
This is an amazing machine -- quite possible the best bang for the buck of any synth I've seen. The sounds are extremely well done. It is sort of a sampler as well, because the FlashRAM PCMCIA cards (8MB max up to two total) can store programs/performances, sequences, and samples using the included SoundBridge software, which reads WAV, AIFF and SampleCell format samples. The modulation matrix for programming and effects is very powerful considering this is "only" a sample-playback machine. Also, the "voice-stealing" algorithm is very well implemented. As an example, if you play a bass note on a piano sound while holding the sustain pedal and then play other chords up higher, the bass note will continue to ring, not cut out. Very nice.

Also, in addition to velocity and aftertouch, the synth has release velocity. It does not have key aftertouch, but I believe it does respond to it.

Also includes CDRom with soundbridge and Cubase Lite, as well as lots of other little utilities and niceties. It has an ADAT optical out in case you happen to have one of those.

The key action is weighted, hammer action, and is the best action I've ever used -- light and responsive, quick to return.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very well done. This includes the big 8MB Stereo Bosendorfer Imperial Grand sample. Many analog/organ sounds are sampled from Keith Emerson's gear. There are no really good Korg-esque pads, though, which is somewhat disappointing. However, you can program something fantastic with a little work.

(Thanks to Adam Levin for this info.)

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