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  QS6 Synth At a Glance
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David Simmons writes:
Overall an very good machine for the money. The sounds are very good especially when you consider the price. It's nice to have release velocity and aftertouch in addition to regular velocity. The effects are quite impressive, but are very awkward to use multitimbral mode--figure spending a while on it. The synth leads, synth basses, pads, and weird noises make this machine well-suited for electronica. Control of LFOs and filters and effects can be assigned to the slider, mod wheel,aftertouch etc. for realtime stuff, but the lack of resonance filters may be a significant drawback. The metal case and solid keyboard excellent sounds and effects get the QS6 the nod for the synth <$1000.

ob C :
Good Solid Keyboard with some very usable sounds and excellent drum kits. (808 909 funk vocoder dance etc etc)
Has a v poor user interface but the provided CD with "Mark of the Unicorn" software is excellent on a PC. and includes additional downloadeble sound program configs. (not additional samples, you need a card for that)
Effects are excellent if using in program mode, but once you use in multitimbral mode you have to do extensive editing of each channel in order to get it to sound the way you want which.

I like this Keyboard but I think that if I didn't have a PC to program it with then I would have got pissed off with the Multitimbral sound\effects complexities very quickly indeed. (even though I have done a BTEC in Music Technology + A level and degree in Computer Science)

Comments About the Sounds:
Phenomenal organs, drums, and synths of all types. Solid brass chromatic percussion, average pianos, very good guitars.

(Thanks to David Simmons for this info.)

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