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  NanoBass At a Glance
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Grimm writes:
This unit is a snap to use, however I'd really recommend it in conjunction with a good sequencing program like Cubase to really unlock its full potential. The manual, while simple to follow and fun to read, is definately lacking in terms of the specifics regarding the programs. Listing the effect and controller functions for each program definately would have helped in avoiding the guessing games you're faced with, with each new sound. Overall though, I'm very happy. Great sounds, an amazing price, and a hell of alot of fun! But ohhh...if only it were only multi timbral. (sigh)

Comments About the Sounds:
I was suprised to find out just how many useful sounds there were! Great analog sounds as well as FM and acoustic basses. There are lots of fat sounds and deep low end, as well as great squelchy tones. Even though you can only change one preset parameter per program via the control dial, using MIDI you can have real time control over lots more...such as: filter control, envelope length, attack, decay, brightness, sub octave level, delay, reverb, etc. (Depending on the program.)

(Thanks to Grimm for this info.)
and Terry Sparks for the pic

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