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  HR16 At a Glance
Click for larger view arrowReleased: approx 1988  Specifications
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Brent Haeseker writes:
An incredible drum machine when released. Still one of the easiest to use, if not the easiest. Those rubber buttons were it's downfall. I have to push 'record' and 'play' a dozen times to get it to go into record mode. And I'll push '85', for example, and get '88'. Rubber buttons should be banned from all future use. Down with the gummy buttons. Otherwise it has held up great over the many years.

I have heard that Alesis can replace the buttons with new ones for a small charge. This would be worth doing if you have one or are getting one.

You should be able to buy one cheap, so if you need a drum machine, this could be your ticket. Once again, it's super easy to use (it has a built in, flip up manual too) and can do a sysex midi dump to back up it's files.

Peter Brookmann, Sweden ( writes:
I have had this drummachine for about a year. It was a cheap one to buy, but it still have som quality. The problem is that I can only use 16 sounds at once. If I want any other sound, I have to edit the machine and set up a new group of drums (can¥t do it with midi). The drummachine sounds like any dancemusic in the 80- ies. Very clean and very exact. It has some great cymbals and hi- hats. If you can get one cheap, buy it. You won¥t be sorry

Comments About the Sounds:
Very good at the time, less convincing over the years. Still not a bad drum machine.

(Thanks to Brent Haeseker for this info.)
and Daniel Lewis for the pic

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