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Thomas Kolb writes:
Ah, let me dry a nostalgic tear from my eye! Before the S900, sampling used to be Fairlight and BIG bucks. All that changed when this little white machine first hit the market, back in the 80's. I do believe that a lot of musicians out there (like me) first came into contact with sampling by using the S900. It was also the best sampler around (well, if you don't count the ones which required you to sell your soul or to mortgage your house if you wanted to have one). Today it may not be so hot anymore - only 750 KB of memory and only 12 bit resolution. No HD, no SCSI and only 32 samples in memory. But trust me, the S900 has a lot to give to anyone who still can't afford the big boy's toys.

Sonic: Ah yes, I remember this one - I used to have two! Not too bad even these days. It does have the most enormous library available to it as a result of being the 'standard' for so long. I know lots of people who still use em - Portishead use s950's for that 12 bit crustyness... memory is small, editing is a bit of a pain but you gotta love em!

Comments About the Sounds:
The frequency response is actually far from flat, but it gives the instrument a great musical quality.

(Thanks to Thomas Kolb for this info.)

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