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Click for larger view arrowReleased: October 1998  Specifications
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Jon S writes:
ok, well its easy to use if your used to the akai formula, i mean with a screen the size of this it has to be. individual keys around the screen make working with it very quick. filters so far seem excellent, very musical if thats what your after. all parameters are supported with graphics in the centre of the screen thus helping further. multis, programs and samples still exist but i believe the formula is different to the S3000 series, imho the architecture of akai samplers is very longwinded (say compared to the yamaha a3k) but as per accompanying paperwork, they have good reason as this piece of hardware is very sophisticated in comparison to their previous excursions.

total opinion of this sampler is akai have again produced another workhorse sampler which will be seen in most studios. my only gripe with akai is that they lack the creativity of other manufacturers opting instead for the tried and tested formula which make them the industry standard. if you want instant inspiration forget it, get an A3K at half the price, but if your prepared to work for your sounds i'm sure you'll get there eventually and have a rock solid sampler which'll last for years to boot. it's always good to have one akai sampler in your sonic arsenal and considering previous launch prices by akai this is a very reasonable purchase, i don't think anyones ever lived to regret buying an akai sampler....but maybe regret trying to install MESA for the PC. haha, rather than fix bugs they just give us a big screen on the sampler itself.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Jon S for this info.)
and Dan Peterson for the pic

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