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Nathaniel Lind writes:
Made by V-Tech, the company that today is known for their nice kid's "computers" and more recently, their cordless phones, this unit is yellow (almost a Pikachu yellow)and features a LED note display that runs the length of the keyboard itself, not the whole unit. The display has a staff with a perfectly designed Treble Clef printed on it, and a LED corresponds to its note location on the staff. It also has the Sharp [#] sign on the upper left of the display and a LED that constantly remains lit to indicate power-on. If no key or button is pressed for 4 minutes 25 seconds, the unit will beep every second for 10 seconds, and will auto-power-off. It also has 2 hooks on each end of the unit that accepts a neck strap. It also features a neat voice that will "sing" the note names (do, re, mi, fa...etc.) It also has 10 songs such as happy Birthday, Ah Suzanna!, Old McDonald, Jingle Bells and others. As mentioned earlier, the drums are truly Analog and are reminiscent of the old Linn-Drum machimes and the others of that era. If you need a good,portable analog keyboard and do not mind the mini keys and find one, grab it up. Powered by 6 C batteries or an AC adaptor.

Comments About the Sounds:
Nice Analog sounds, Drums are truly retro; almost Linn-Drum like. Good for amy sequence needing a good analog sound, i.e. 8-bit Nintendo (NES)/GB songs

(Thanks to Nathaniel Lind for this info.)
and lairdog for the pic

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