Sonic TALK is FIFTY! - Celebrate with an MM6

That's right folks! Sonic TALK, our weekly webcast, where our editor and various other industy people discuss the weeks happenings from a music technology standpoint has reached it's 50th episode!
And to celebrate, our generous sponsors Yamaha UK are offering a single, whole, working, new, boxed MM6 Synthesizer - otherwise known as the Mini Mo - this is on account of it having the brains of a Motif under its deceptively simple hood.

If you need to know what the MM6 has to offer, check out Berts great video demo for a taste...


Ok, I want it!
So, you've just got to have one right? Well aside from just going out and buying one (which of course is your right and privilege), Yamaha have provided ONE MM6 Synthesizer as a competition prize - to anyone in the world.

You can either Listen to the 50th podcast to glean the answerand then email it in, or visit, find out for yourself, and then fill out the form below to be entered into the prize draw - your choice...

So go to it and do your best by answering the question below. We will draw the prize from the correct submissions on or around the 16th July 2007

Note Only one winning prize. �No cash alternative. �Yamaha reserve the right to offer alternative prize to the same value. �Judges decisions are final. �No correspondance will be entered into.

How many patches does the MM6 have?

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