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In-depth Feature:  CreamWare Luna II
Utter Lunacy - The Luna II PCI Card
Rob G writes: .

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Luna II on a Mac
The hardware installed and ran without problem. However, this Mac user didn’t fair so well with the Software. I think the root of the problem for me is that the interface is so, well un mac-like. This was apparent at installation. In the same way that Windows installers will create program icons etc we Mac users expect the same treatment. What you in fact get are Luna applications buried in a PC like folder structure. The first thing I did was to create aliases to the Luna application in the root directory of the install.

I was also somewhat puzzled by the dialog thrown up for entering my key information. There were what looked like coding characters in one of the fields.

Small things I know, but it did rather put me on my guard. As mentioned earlier, the choice to use a proprietary windowing system does allow for multi-platform operation and the bottom line is that the system works – but this Mac user found the interface a little too challenging and would suggest that the Mac side needs a little more work

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