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In-depth Feature:  CreamWare Luna II
Utter Lunacy - The Luna II PCI Card
Rob G writes: .

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Software Environment Continued
The project window is the main workspace window in the Luna II environment. It allows setting up routing from a number of source modules to a number of destination modules. Source and destination modules can be either physical connections, or virtual connectors allowing routing to other music applications.

Virtual connectors are provided for ASIO, Wave (the O/S’s standard audio interface), EASI (Logic Audio – PC only), DirectSound, GSIF (GigaSampler) and CreamWare’s own tripleDAT audio software. Also provided are source and destination “MIDI Sequencer” modules – which can be used to route MIDI signals to/from any MIDI sequencer. Other soundcards installed in the system may also be included in the routing.

A signal flow is established by connecting the outputs of one module to the inputs of another. For new projects, the project window simply displays a number of unconnected source and destination modules. This default environment is not ideal, as no routing occurs and hence no sound can be heard from the system. It is possible, however, to override the default with a project of your own choice.

Other modules in the environment are used to represent the card’s DSP facilities – a recording mixer (shown in Figure 2), a surround mixer, a sequence remote that allows automating functions of your sequencer from within the Luna environment, a MIDI merger module, a MIDI monitor, a MIDI key splitter, mono and stereo compressors, and a 4-band parametric EQ.

Most of these modules support control surfaces used to tweak settings or prepare mixes. The control surface for the recording mixer is shown in Figure 2. Most of the controls on these control surfaces can be set up to respond to MIDI controller messages, allowing automation of effects and mixes from MIDI sequencers or external devices.

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