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In-depth Feature:  CreamWare Luna II
Utter Lunacy - The Luna II PCI Card
Rob G writes: .

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The recording mixer allows mixing input sources to output destinations. The mixer features 24 inputs, 4 aux sends (mono) and 4 aux returns (stereo). Auxiliary channels can be used to connect external effects devices. The mixer provides a main output pair (labelled OutL and OutR in the Project Window) and 24 direct channel outputs.

The surround mixer allows producing mixes in surround format – where audio signals are not distributed to a stereo bus but to individual speaker channels. Typically, a surround mix uses 6 speakers – front left, front center, front right, rear left, rear right and sub bass. The mixer also supports 16 inputs, 4 aux sends (mono), and 4 aux returns (stereo).

The entire contents of the project window can be saved as “project files” allowing configurations to be set up and recalled easily. For practical use, the work environment can be set up so the background becomes invisible. In this configuration, minimising the project window results in an operating environment where the control surfaces and menu are visible at the same time as your sequencer software’s windows, facilitating switching between sequencer and Luna operations.

Nonetheless, the operating environment does take some getting used to. Creamware’s use of non-standard windowing does give a consistent appearance across PC/Mac platforms, but at the expense of “nativeness” on both platforms. The investment in time does seem worth it, the facilities offered allow complex routing to be set up and accessed quickly.
The Recording Mixer

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