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In-depth Feature:  Kurzweil's Rumour + Mangler Effects
Albert Potts writes: .

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User Interface and Rear Panel
Now we get to the heart of the user interface, the 2X24 character LCD and the four data select knobs. I found the bank/preset/select/value knob system to be logical and easy to use. As a matter of fact, I found these the Rumour and Mangler to feature the most intuitive interface Kurzweil has yet invented, a welcome change from their sometimes complex user interfaces.

There are four data knobs, from left to right: Bank, Preset, Select, and Value. You start from the left knob and drill down into the data by selecting bank, then the preset in the bank, then which parameters to edit in the preset, and finally change those parameters with the Value knob. It takes more time to explain it writing than to figure it out in front of the unit. The only downside to this kind of side scrolling interface is that programs with a lot of parameters can require a lot of knob twisting to get to the last parameters.

Banks contain types of effects, like compression, delay, hall reverb, plate reverb, etc. Presets contain different algorithms and variations on those algorithms with in the bank category. From there the select and value knobs are used for editing. There are also four banks of 16 memory slots available for storing user patches.

Also included on the front panel are Load and Store buttons. Patches can be set to auto-load from within the Master Menu.

The rear panel includes the expected connections. From left there is the power input connector (lump in the line variety), MIDI I/O with Thru/Out switch, SPDIF I/O, Pedal jack, and the L/R analog audio connectors. The analog I/O accepts balanced or unbalanced jacks, and is switchable between +4 and -10. The footpedal input is also interesting, with a double pedal you can use one to tap tempo and the other to engage and disengage the bypass. You can also do that with two pedals and a TRS Y-cable.

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