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In-depth Feature:  Kurzweil's Rumour + Mangler Effects
Albert Potts writes: .

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Input/Outputs and Setup
The Rumour and Mangler share their user interface, and are identical other than the paint job and internal effect algorithms.

The front panel is clearly laid out, and from the left you first find the input volume control, which has an 18 dB range, allowing the units to interface with +4 or -10 input signals. Above the input volume control are green, yellow, and red LED's, showing incoming volume level. Next up is the output volume control, a digital control that affects the level of both the analog and digital outputs, and it features a single red clip level LED.

To the right of the volume knobs are four buttons: Bypass, EQ, Master, and Tap. Bypass has an interesting feature where you can bypass effects and EQ, or just bypass the effects and keep the EQ in. The three band EQ is global, with adjustable gain and frequency. Also in this section are controls for Total Volume, Stereo Width, and Pan.

The Master button is where you find important settings like the global Wet/Dry parameter, allowing the units to be used in Send/Return loops or on Inserts. Other controls found in this area are the Input Source (analog or digital), Digital Clock (44.1, 48k, or External), Digital Word Length selection of 16, 20, or 24 bits, and the various midi and sysex settings. Also of interest is "Show FX Parameters", which allows selection of "Basic" or Extended" mode. In Basic mode only 16 parameters are available for editing, while in Extended up to 44 are editable. This is similar to Lexicon's "Pro" and "Go" mode in the PCM-81/91, and the similar mode in the TC Electronic M2000/M3000 boxes. Good to see Kurzweil adding such professional touches to these affordable units.

Lastly, the Tap tempo button does exactly what you would expect it to. Tapping it four times sets the internal System Tempo. Next to the panel of four buttons is a digital lock indicator and contrast knob, which allows you to adjust the LCD for different viewing angles.

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