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In-depth Feature:  Aura - Two No.1s and Counting
Nick B writes: .

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What and Why
SS: Can you give me a run down of what was used in the song - Destination Skyline?
Main lead: MS2000, Prophet 5
Base: Korg Electribe A
Bassline from JX305
Different layers and atmospheric elements from TRrack and Roland JX305
All drums come from the A3000

SS: Any reason you chose the A3000 over other samplers?
It was quite cheap, and had all the things we needed (Fx, Filters, and 10 outputs with the AIEB expansion, we find that they can be a little noisy though. If you compare it to other low budget samplers like the Akai S2000 I think we really made the right choice. But now, we plan to sell the A3000 and buy Halion instead. Halion is wonderful.

The original Destination Skyline is run trough a Behringer Eurodesk 1602A, no eq applied to instruments, no compressors etc. Check out the new clubmix instead, we really think it beats the shit out of the original.

Instruments used in Destination Skyline Clubmix
Main lead: MS2000, Prophet 5
Base: Novation Basstation + One layered bass sound from the Virus
Bassline: Access virus
Pads: Virus
Kick, Clap, Hihat, Crash and Snare come from the A3000
Closed rythm hihats: TR-rack
Different layers and atmospheric elements from TRrack and Access Virus

The big differeance is the use of mixerdesk, the first song was as said mixed on a behringer 1602A and the clubmix on a Behringer MX8000.

All the synths have at least some Lexicon MPX-100 reverb. We use the Midiverb only for delay on the mainlead and some minor riff parts. On the strings The internal effects of the TR rack is used.

SS: Do you use any virtual instruments?
We are using maybe two or three software synths in every production nowadays, that is about how much our computers could handle before they beginning to act strange.
Our friends have the Native Instruments Prophet52 which is really amazing if you run it through extra effects. We’ve used the N.I. FM7, Battery and Halion. The FM7 sounds really interesting, we would really like to have that one.

SS: Your last purchase?

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