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In-depth Feature:  Aura - Two No.1s and Counting
Nick B writes: .

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Sounds + Software
SS: Your last purchase?
That has to be Christian Buying some new pieces for his little darling "ROLAND System 100M"

There's a great Swedish classifieds at We prefer to buy stuff from sweden, it's a lot easier.

SS: Your next?
New monster computers with SCSI disks, etc... We use a lot of software now and our current computers have started too behave strange. We find empty beer bottles in the studio in the mornings, We don't think they can handle the pressure anymore.

SS: What’s only item that wouldn't sell?
Our small old computer speakers. They are great for double checking the mix, and to be honest, I think we have to pay too get rid of them...

Our main monitors are Alesis M-Ones, but we use Event 20/20 BAS a lot in our friends studio and they sound better.

SS: So you think it’s important to check mixes on several systems?
Yes, the first thing we do when a mix is done is to spend some time in the car, if the song works there, it probably will work on most systems. My girlfriends stereo is really good too, everything sounds strange there so when something sounds good we know we’ve cracked it.

SS: I noticed the Access Virus in the photos of your live show – is that a favourite?
It's a workhorse but I don't think it's right for lead sounds, at least not the ones that we like, It's mainly used for basslines, small blippy sounds, and sweeping pads.

SS: Where do you source your samples?
We take our samples from cd's like, DanceMega Drums 4000, Dance industrial, XXL Base to mention a few. We also spend time erm, ”looking for inspiration” from top artists like Paul van dyke etc, he uses some really decent kicks.

SS: What sequencer do you use and why?
We use Logic Audio, it's simply the most powerful when you know all the little tricks. It also runs with more stabillity on our computers. Together with Audiowerk8 and Amt8 we have a dream team at a small price.

SS: When writing what is the first instrument you reach for?
Two detuned saw oscillators playing from Prophet 5.

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