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In-depth Feature:  Aura - Two No.1s and Counting
Nick B writes: .

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Top Tips + Mixing
SS: Do you have any top tips for creating a good mix?
We layer the main lead with at least two other lead sounds. We also backup the melody notes with basenotes to get that fast trance feeling.

Use a lot of filters on everything. Highpass on the kick (Not all the time =), notch filters on the clap etc,. That really improves the sound.

In some tracks we have stadium applause and really high pitched strings going on in the chorus, you couldn't hear it though.

Use a proper listening environment. Once it took us five songs to discover how weird we had mixed everything because of the monitor postions.

SS: Your mix seems uncluttered without the excessive use of pads that there are often in your area of music.
Pads together with leads tend to soften things up, thats not good right? We mainly use pads in the breakdowns, the vocal pads come from the Korg TR rack.

SS: The arrangement is tight - there's no dead space in there.
The whole song was finished after 16 hours of work in the studio. We make radio mixes of all our songs to get the arrangements really tight.

SS: What advice would you give to someone trying to promote their own music?
Don't settle until you have some pieces of music that honestly move your ass.

SS: Amen to that...

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