MESSE 2015: Wireless Controlled Effects Pedals From Norway (Demo)

Control your effects when away from your pedal board   21-Apr-15

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We caught up with Rune Aalberg, the main man at Aalberg Audio, to get a sneak peak at their wireless controlled effects pedal range.

The Norwegian company have built three pedals - the Ekko delay, the Rom reverb, and the Trym tremolo - all of which can be controlled by a wireless control panel which you can mount on your guitar or guitar strap.

The controller allows you to change the parameters on the pedals, switch the pedals on and off, and set tap tempo.

Rune gives us a demo of all the pedals in the video above, but we also spoke to him off camera about some of the developments comping up at the company.

Rune's plan is to continue developing his wireless technology and develop ways of giving guitarists more control over their effects without having to be tied to their pedal boards.

So through a combination of Scandinavian design, innovation, and hi-fi guitar effects, Aalberg Audio has something exciting on its hands.

Wireless control won't exactly be for everyone, but it doesn't take a great deal of creative thought to think of a number of cool possibilities to having controls for effects parameters located right next to your picking hand.

It's not the first time someone has attempted to put FX controls on the actual guitar itself, but this is certainly one of the first times it's been an affordable option.

Watch this space, and go to the Aalberg Audio website for more info.

Filmed by Robert Hicks,
Written and presented by Richard Beech.

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