BOSS DM-2W Waza Craft review: Get Happily Lost In Analog Delay

BOSS' updated re-release of a classic is still full of character   05-Mar-15

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Most guitarists are familiar with the character of the BOSS DM-2 analog delay pedal - it remains to this day one of the most sought after analog delays in the world despite being discontinued in 1984.

Thirty years later, in 2014, BOSS brought it back as part of their Waza Craft series - analog versions of three of their existing pedals - the DM-2, the SD-1 and the BD-2.

The delay time of 300ms has now been increased to 800ms, which is available through using the "custom" setting - the pedal also features a "standard" setting, which will only let you have the original 300ms of delay.

Hear it in action in the video above.

Street Prices: $179, £129

Reviewed by Richard Beech

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