NAMM 2015: Three New Supro Amps

A trio of vintage-inspired amp models with reverb and tremolo   21-Jan-15

NAMM 2015: Three New Supro Amps
1622RT Tremo-Verb 1x10 combo

Building on the breakout momentum generated by their triumphant return to the guitar gear scene, Supro USA tells us that they are now set to launch another trio of vintage-inspired amp models with reverb and tremolo at the 2015 Winter NAMM show. This is what they have to say...   

These new, American-made, vintage-derived combo amps feature independent bass and treble controls, tube-driven spring reverb and power-tube tremolo. The authentic Supro circuit topology found in these models puts the tremolo after the reverb, re-creating the ethereal, haunting shake of amplitude-modulated reverb that is central to the unique character of the original Valco/Supro designs. These vintage-styled, all-tube amps feature custom-voiced, US-made speakers, distinctive Blue Rhino Hide tolex and most importantly, the stunning atmospheric quality of the mid 60s Supro reverb amps.

1650RT Royal Reverb: This 2x10" vintage reissue with Reverb and Tremolo is the heavy hitter of the bunch with headroom to spare and a huge, punchy tone. The Royal Reverb's stout 6L6 output stage can be configured for Class A or Class AB power at 35, 45 or 60 watts with selectable 5U4 tube or solid state rectifier modes.

1648RT Saturn Reverb: This 1x12" future-retro combo with Reverb and Tremolo is both lightweight and easily coaxed into raucous tube overdrive. The Saturn Reverb shares the same 6973 based, Class-A power plant as the top selling Supro Dual-Tone amplifier, but a slightly lower power rating of 15-watts due to its use of a vintage-correct 5U4 tube rectifier.

1622RT Tremo-Verb: This 1x10" combo with Reverb and Tremolo is the ultimate compact vintage tone machine. Small and lightweight enough to carry around town, the Tremo-verb reissue uses 6973 power tubes to push 25-watts of pure vintage American Class-A tone. Despite its small size and single 10" speaker, this modern incarnation of the Tremo-verb is easily loud enough to keep up with a drummer and be clearly heard in a club setting.

Pricing and Availability:
Street price on the Royal Reverb is $1499 USD.

Street price on the Saturn Reverb is $1399 USD.

Street price on the Tremo-verb is $1299 USD.

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