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NAMM 2018: David Bowie Guitar
Supro celebrates David Bowie with the Limited Edition Dual Tone Guitar

29-Jan-18    full story...

Supro Ships Smallest Combo
Supro 1622RT Tremo-verb 1x10 Reissue Tube Amplifier is now available

13-Jul-15    full story...

NAMM 2015: Three New Supro Amps
A trio of vintage-inspired amp models with reverb and tremolo

21-Jan-15    full story...

NAMM 2014: Supro Amps Unveiled
The debut lineup of re-issue Supro tube amplifiers is on show

23-Jan-14    full story...

Supro Amps Are Coming Back
April 2014 will see a new line of USA-made, vintage-inspired Supro tube amplifiers

05-Dec-13    full story...

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3 Home Keyboards that are Actually AWESOME Synths! 

Not somewhere you usually look...

Sampler Composer

And tattoos

Call To Help Tim Exile During Cancer Treatment 

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help during this challenging time.

5 Minutes With - Wavesequencer Hyperion 

Modular soft-synth

And a bit more Superbooth

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New edition - adds the EX software for you

Modal Is Back - Restructuring Complete 

Website up - Modal app support back too

With Divkid, Gaz and Richard Nicol

Never too old for techno

Aodyo Loom

SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards 

And the award goes to...