Best Effects Pedals 2014: SonicState Gear Of The Year Awards

See which pedals our panel chose as the top pedals this year   30-Dec-14

2) BOSS DM-2w Waza Craft

One of the smoothest moves of the year came from BOSS. Out of nowhere they released three discrete circuitry analog pedals harking back to their early days as a company.

One of those pedals was the BOSS DM-2, one of the most sought after analog delay pedals of all time - known for taking your guitar signal and making it, well... just sound beautiful.

The original DM-2 had up to 300ms of delay, whereas the new DM-2w pedal features a custom mode which allows you up to 800ms of delay.

It also now features an expression pedal switch, allowing you to fluctuate the delay time with a foot pedal and achieve some truly bonkers sounds (or just go for very small fluctuations in delay time - giving it that tape delay feel).

The term "Waza" doesn't translate very well into the English language, but you can just take it to mean "hella cool". The new Waza Craft range was developed by a special team at BOSS, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see some more in the range next year.

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