MESSE 2014: GoPro Released 'Music Bundle'

Instrument friendly mounts from GoPro   19-Mar-14

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If you haven't been hiding under a rock lately, you've probably come across GoPro and their ubiquitous 'Hero' range of mini-format action cameras. In fact even if you have been under a rock, you may well have been filmed with one ;-]

I was tempted way back in the days of version 1, and I've found them really handy for getting shots where normal cameras fear to tread.

There's already a range of mounting options, but previously I've had to bodge ways of attaching a GoPro to a guitar headstock, for example - so I was intrigued when I heard that GoPro were releasing a 'Music Bundle' with instrument friendly mounts.

It was announced when we were at NAMM earlier this year, and I filmed a short piece with Director of Music Sales Neil Dana during the Press Preview day there... but unfortunately, an extremely noisy drummer was unleashed on the stage right next to us, and we had to abandon :-/

So I was pleased to see GoPro again at Messe showing the Music Bundle, and asked Neil to step up once more to give us the info on the new options - useful they are, too;  non-marking removable adhesive instrument mounts; mic-stand mounts; a super handy clamp & flexible arm mount, and a new version of the 'naked' frame which allows the camera to be removed without taking the whole frame apart.

GoPro set up a small stage area where bands could come and perform and be filmed from a gazillion angles - and after the Music Bundle is released (some time next month we believe) expect to see a whole bunch more YT performance vids from unusual viewpoints ;-]

The Music Bundle will retail at the same price as their other action-specific bundles such as the Adventure or Surf editions.

more info:-

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