The Top 5 Boss Effects Pedals

We reviewed 30, here are our 5 favourites   30-Mar-13

2. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

This is a surprise addition to the list. I always saw the Blues Driver in guitar stores and the notion of it just didn't make sense in my head. The 1960s electric blues tone is such a difficult one to nail, because most of the classic blues albums were recorded with some of the best amplifiers of all time, it was a golden era.

Even the records that weren't engineered so well still had a certain charm, and it's hard to recreate charm in a pedal.

Perhaps it's something to do with my 60s tribute Les Paul, but I just thought the BD-2 offered a really authentic electric blues tone. It could do the dirt on the bridge pickup, the bluesy mud, but it could also do the rockier Clapton sound.

Flick to your neck pickup, and it can do a smooth Peter Green style blues sound.

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