Blues Tuition For Absolute Beginners

LickLibrary launches two new blues guitar DVDs   19-Mar-13

Blues Tuition For Absolute Beginners

LickLibrary have just launched two new tuition DVDs for blues fans wanting to learn to play the guitar called Acoustic Blues For Absolute Beginners and Absolute Beginners Blues Licks for those electric guitar players. The company says that both DVD guitar lessons are bought to you by  composer, guitarist and teacher Danny Gill, and will equip you with all the tools and techniques you need to play and create the blues on electric or acoustic guitar. Here's the rest of what they have to say...

Acoustic Blues For Absolute Beginners is a very easy to use introduction to playing blues on the acoustic guitar that will give you the grounding and tips and tricks to get you playing cool licks quickly. Danny teaches you the three basic blues chords, the straightforward minor and major pentatonic scales and some simple rhythms in small bite size pieces, which by using the DVD menu you can watch over and over again until you have nailed each part.

Absolute Beginners Blues Licks helps you build a repertoire of blues licks and a whole inventory of blues techniques. All of which will come together to show you how to effectively solo over twelve bar blues. Danny teaches you to play the major and minor pentatonic scales, adds the blues notes to these scales and teaches you how and when to switch between and extend them as well as many other classic blues techniques.

Each DVD includes hours of step-by-step, interlinked lessons that are easy to understand and will provide you with the essential techniques to play the blues. They also include a high quality-backing track recorded by live musicians using real instruments. This means you will be able to try out all the ideas you have learnt and get an authentic feel for playing with a band.

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£19.99 each

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