New THR10C THR5A and THR10X Amps From Yamaha

specialised modelling models hit the stores.   09-Oct-12

If you've already seen our THR10 review - you'll know that we were impressed - in fact, we know for sure at least two people who we showed it to ended up buying one themselves. Yamaha sure got this one spot on.

So here are three new models in the range, following the same form factor but with specialized applications:

The THR10X, THR10C, and THR5A guitar amps are additional variants to satisfy the needs of guitarists who demand a more-distinct sound. Using Yamaha's original Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology, new guitar amps and modeling effects have been developed and combined into three distinct styles. All produce uncompromising sound - including in settings where a large stage amplifier could not be used and a small amp would be unsatisfactory - for both indoor and outdoor practice without the bother of complex setups, enabling the realisation of comfortable guitar playing environments.

Main Features

1. THR10X Brings Together Sounds of Amps with Reputation for Distortion

The THR10X is a high-gain stack amp that brings together the sounds of amps with a reputation for the distortion beloved by many guitarists. Using VCM technology, we have been able to precisely reproduce a sound that is no different in character and to realize even in the home a powerful metallic sound that can satisfy even the most particular of guitarists where distortion is concerned. 
The olive green color adopted for the THR10X's lends this amp a sense of substance.


2. THR10C Precisely Reproduces Even the Finest Points of Picking

Targeted primarily at skilled players of blues, jazz, and country music, the THR10C brings together the sounds of top-of-the-range boutique combo amps and legendary vintage amps. Again using VCM technology, we have been able to precisely reproduce even the finest, almost imperceptible points of picking, from the clean to the crunch guitar sound. The THR10C's quality finish will strike a chord with those with experience of the authentic amp sound. The metallic dark navy color adopted for the THR10C's body lends the amp a classy feel.


3. THR5A Specifically Designed for Acoustic Guitar Sounds

Specifically designed for acoustic guitar sounds, the THR5A is for use with acoustic electric guitars. Drawing on the microphone simulation technologies accumulated with the AG Stomp acoustic guitar preamp (a discontinued product), the THR5A reproduces sounds as if it were miking an acoustic guitar under full studio conditions. Equipped with high-definition effects, when it comes to acoustic electric guitars, the THR5A will increase the enjoyment of guitarists who play live at home. This model is also ideally suited as a Silent Guitar™.
The vintage gold color adopted for the THR5A's body borrows the look of the AG Stomp.


4. Third Amp Concept Changes Preconceived Ideas about Guitar Amps

The THR10X, THR10C and THR5A retain the special features of the THR10 and THR5 concept. Producing an impressive tone approaching that of large stage amplifiers even at low volume, they feature a built-in tuner, an effector, and a battery-operated option, making it possible for guitarists to enjoy playing whenever and wherever they like.

As they also enable input and reproduction of favorite music sources, linking these models to a computer makes it possible to enjoy not only individual lessons and sessions, but also home recording and music production.

Using the iPhone/iPod touch compatible THR Session application enables hassle-free enjoyment of guitar practice and sessions accompanying a tune.

Adding three distinct models to the extensive THR10 and THR5 lineup will enable guitarists to pick the model according to their playing styles.


Anderton's Music in the UK have been lucky enough to get a hands on demo from Yamaha product specialist Julian (awesome player) - check it out.



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